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Hello Friends, If you had to give one word to describe Sydney Graphic Design what would it be?  Modern, Adventurous, Crazy, Technical, Contemporary…? Even though many words come to mind  I would have to say innovative [def: in·no·va·tive/ˈinəˌvātiv/tending towards innovation]. “Innovation is … Continue reading

So what is Graphic Design?

So I have been talking a little bit about Graphic Designers Sydney, Graphic Designers vs Web Designers now let’s go back to the basic question of what is Graphic Design? Well according to Wikipedia, “Graphic design is a creative process—most often … Continue reading

I LOVE Graphic Design Sydney!

I LOVE Graphic Design Sydney! Being a Graphic Designer in Sydney is quite simply amazing. Designers are inspired by a multitude of things, one being their surroundings and I couldn’t ask for a better place on earth to be imbued … Continue reading

Corporate Photography

In my last post entitled Corporate Photographers, I touched on the subject of lighting. Here I figured I could expand a little on how I use lighting to create Corporate Photography. After all, it is this element that is the … Continue reading

Corporate Photographers

How can you value the service of Professional Corporate Photographers? Since corporate photography is not the final product that is sold for a finite amount, it is impossible to say that it generated a particular income. So how can one … Continue reading

Sydney Photographers – How to Choose One

Most people throughout their time in this beautiful world will seek out a professional photographer, but what criteria do you use to find the right photographer for YOU?  What makes one photographer a better choice over another?  What do you need to look for to ensure your photographic needs are met? Sydney Photographers (and around the world for that matter) are a dime a dozen, there are hundreds of competitors out in the photographic abyss…so what do THEY have that makes THEM stand out from the rest? Here are a couple of points to consider to help you find the Professional Photographer you are looking for:

1. Are they  a full-time photographer, or a weekend shooter? Full time photographers live an breathe photography and are more likely to have more experience. There is no substitute for experience.

2. Is the photographer registered with an industry body, such as the Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)? There are photographers who are good at what they do, and do not belong to AIPP, however a Professional Body regulates, monitors and maintains industry standards which ensures the consumer is receiving a reputable, professional service. Check out this link for more information.

3. Have you seen their work? IT IS ESSENTIAL. Full stop. Whether it be on their website or by having a look at your friends’-cousins’-cousins’-cousins’ wedding album.  You need to know what their photographic capabilities are and how you feel about it. Are they professional, artistic, creative…is their style what are you looking for? If not move on.

4. Do your personalities mesh? It is important you like the person behind the lens, this allows for a smoother experience,particularly if you will be in front of the lense in the case of wedding and portrait photography. Suggest to meet up in advance, or at the very least make sure you have a good chat on the phone.

Consider these questions and answers and you are well on your way to finding the right photographer for the job!

Hope it helps…

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