So what makes Graphic Design…BAD?

[You may be right]

Hello! I love being positive.  I try to focus on being happy and appreciate the good things in life, however some days we have to face the darkness and today it just so happens to be all about ‘What makes … Continue reading

The Elements of Graphic Design

The elements of graphic design

So let’s talk turkey about the Elements of Graphic Design. As I mentioned in a previous BLOG called, ‘What makes Great Graphic Design?‘, understanding the elements and principles of design will help you communicate your designs more effectively which in turn … Continue reading

Sydney Graphic Design

Hello Friends, If you had to give one word to describe Sydney Graphic Design what would it be?  Modern, Adventurous, Crazy, Technical, Contemporary…? Even though many words come to mind  I would have to say innovative [def: in·no·va·tive/ˈinəˌvātiv/tending towards innovation]. “Innovation is … Continue reading

Graphic Designer, Sydney

Hello Friends! So after my last BLOG with a little bit of “tough lovin” I wanted to  lighten up and share some of my work as a Graphic Designer Sydney . I was cleaning up my computer a bit (believe me it needed … Continue reading

So what is Graphic Design?

So I have been talking a little bit about Graphic Designers Sydney, Graphic Designers vs Web Designers now let’s go back to the basic question of what is Graphic Design? Well according to Wikipedia, “Graphic design is a creative process—most often … Continue reading

The difference between Graphic Design and Web Design Sydney

The difference between Graphic Design and Web Design Sydney

We live in a world that is bombarded with Design. We have been visually conditioned to a point of oblivion which is why design once again is taking on the nature of extremes. There is the obvious slap in the … Continue reading