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Hi all,

We have been shooting Real Estate photography and Interior photography for some time, and for many these terms mean the same thing. But we believe there is a difference and here it is … Real Estate Photography is all about showcasing a property and is often about photographing space, and incorporating other features (such as views, position etc) to make it look attractive. Interior photography is less about the shell, and more about what is contained within it, such as cushy lounges, colour combinations and great pieces.

So yesterday, I had a job in which I was shooting for real esate, and for an interior designer at the same place. I thought it would be interesting to show the different results, so lets have a look below.

The above image is all about the pillows, that is why they are lit by the reading lights so it draws…

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So what makes Graphic Design…BAD?

[You may be right]

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What is Typographic Art?


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