Advertising Real Estate Photography

Today in our local newspaper, The Manly Daily, there was an editorial complimented by an image we created at Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This piece is a good example on how Real Estate Photography  is used to advertise and support a property to help achieve high end sales.

Example #1- 279 Whale Beach Road, Whale Beach, NSW, Australia

Here is the image in the original JPEG format.

Example #2 Whale Beach Road, Whale Beach, NSW, Australia.
We also photographed a house on the same road only weeks before, the house that was mentioned in a seperate article stating “It took just 10 days to achieve the record-breaking sale of Geoffrey Cousins’ Whale Beach home, believed to be in excess of $13 million”. This was on the cover of the Manly Daily weekend real estate liftout on October 13th, 2012. Take a look below.

Example #3,  Oracades, Whale Beach Road, Whale Beach, NSW, Australia.
We photographed this property which is found just around the corner from the previous properties. Selected for the front cover image.

Example #4, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Last but not least, here is one of my favourites from the past few months of shooting, it was published in the real estate glossy liftout, another property from Whale Beach.

All these premiere properties are listed by the fab team at Raine & Horne Palm BeachGlenn Lee, David Eden and James Baker.

Please send us your comments.  We enjoy hearing from you.

Shane Law [NBPD] Northern Beaches Photography & Design

Photographer    |   Blogger

6 thoughts on “Advertising Real Estate Photography

  1. I love those ocean shoots in the second set, and its something I really struggle with. When I try to take photos of ocean and sky view, the blue of the ocean water doesn’t really pop cause the blue of the sky melds with the ocean blue. Is there trick to get that contrast with the water and sky- photoshop or just knowing specific time when to shoot ocean views?

    • Hi Dana, Thanks for your comments. First, I always make sure the sun is in the opposite area to the general direction of the view shots, otherwise it becomes too bright and difficult to get that deep rich blues. Second, when you expose for the sky, the sea will automatically come out darker (because the sky is brighter). Then finally, when you have a good file with well exposed exteriors, you can adjust using the lightroom luminance slider, or in photoshop if you prefer. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to try to do that next time.

    And, when you’re showing both the interior and the ocean view at the same time in example #3, any special tips so the interior isn’t dark. I’m assuming you’re using multiple off-camera flash instead of HDR to pull that picture off. It just looks so natural with the way you have that shaft of light coming into the room like that.

    I don’t know if its just more practice or what, but it always seemed to me that the Australian real estate photographers are a step above their American counterparts especially with these types of beach/ocean view pictures.

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