The difference between Graphic Design and Web Design Sydney

We live in a world that is bombarded with Design. We have been visually conditioned to a point of oblivion which is why design once again is taking on the nature of extremes. There is the obvious slap in the face design (Thwack!) and more inconspicuous, subtle, subliminal variety (mmm..chocolate). Whatever the style, Graphic Design and Web Design Sydney make up just a tiny strand in the vast evolutionary world wide web.

So what’s the difference, you ask?

Well…Stop and Look around you, just for a second. What do you see?  No, not the last sip of cold coffee in your mug or the half eaten bickie with escapee crumbs strewn around your desk. Take a look beyond. Most likely there will be numerous items around your office or home that have been created by a Graphic Designer. Some examples could include: the daily newspaper, the books on the shelf, the cookbooks in the kitchen or the soggy letters that arrived in this mornings post. On the other hand if you look back at the computer and start surfing the web you will see that most professional websites, webpages, blogs, banner advertisements, etc, will have been in some way designed, developed or tweaked by a Web Designer.

According to wiki answers (the holy grail of answers, would you agree?) they say:

“Graphic design includes logos and print design. Graphic Design includes anything in the world that you see that has been created and printed (or displayed as part of a layout). This can be ads, magazines, newspaper layouts, newspaper ads, billboards, logos, brochures, books, decals you find on toys, CD labels & booklets, movie posters, and so much more. It encompasses all things in the print world. And it’s not just the layout that is created by graphic designers. We also create, well, “graphics,” such as those photos you see in magazines – a graphic designer had most likely altered it after the photographer made the shot.

Web design overlaps graphic design in the graphics and overall appearance (layout) and flow of the site/pages, but web design also includes all the technical aspects of creating a website, such as the coding past basic layout.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Most web pages use this format because it’s supported by all web browsers, can display up to 256 colors, and can include transparent backgrounds. GIFS are appropriate for image files with little color variation, and for images that will only be viewed on screen.

Photographs saved as GIFs may appear grainy. Single color images saved as JPEGs may appear fuzzy. When you save a graphic image, consider what type of file it is. Remember, GIFs work best with images having few colors or color variations. JPEGs work best with photographs or images to be printed.” Read more here.

So that’s it in a nutshell my little squirrels.  I hope you enjoyed the information on Graphic Design and Web Design Sydney.  Thanks so much for joining me today, stay tuned for a plethora of information to tantalize your brain buds.

Jodie Slowski [NBPD] Northern Beaches Photography & Design
Graphic Designer | Webpage Designer | Photographer | Mixed Media Artist | Blogger

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